Drapers Award Winner 2015

At Closet London, we make contemporary womenswear that tells a story. We are loved for our elegant shapes and stunning prints, and our passionate team of designers and pattern-cutters design and make garments in London, just as they have for over 20 years. 

From our famous go-to dress designs, to gorgeous separates, tailored jackets and seasonal outerwear; we are inspired by the confident and feminine style of our Closet Woman.  Busy lunch meetings, Thursday's date night, a close friend’s wedding; we know that she is always on the lookout for something which she can wear her way. 

Each of our collections tells a fresh and inspiring story, and we offer a quirky and thoughtful experience that bring lots of personality to everything we do. Closet London is more than the dress you wear.


So...what did you wear? The question every friend wants to know.

The country wedding, the big date, the first day at the office, it matters what we wear. Yet how and where we wear it is when the story really begins.

The discreet but welcome glance. The handbag, shoes you couldn’t do without. The way you wore it, only the way you could.

At Closet we don’t just love dresses but we are passionate about how you wear them and the stories your dress can tell. Pair us with those purple stilettos, dress us down with a pair of converse and a jacket. Layer us under your cosy knit. We understand the feeling of wearing your favourite dress in a new (secretly brilliant, can’t believe I never thought of this!) kind of way

Famous for our prints and proud of our fit, we are Quirky, Social, Thoughtful and Loyal (a little bit like you we like to think!). We champion personal styles and offer a capsule collection of signature dresses which are always inspired by a single story.

And we also have our own story to tell...From our local roots, all of your garments are still lovingly designed and made in London today. And we are as honest, enterprising, characterful and proud as we were over 20 years ago when we began. Feminine shapes, stunning prints, passionate people, made in London...

It’s us, and you