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The Bodycon dress is a tight fitting and figure hugging frock created using stretchable fabric. The Bodycon dress tracks the shape of the female body, curves according to the shape, and smoothes over any unwanted lumps on the body. This type of attire was very much on trend during the latter part of the twentieth century and is still very much in style, emphasizing the contours of the female form. It is definitely a garment that accentuates the lines of the body instead of concealing it. These frocks are normally mid-thigh in length but can be created in full length. They are extremely chic and are definitely for women with body confidence!

J800 Geometric Print Racer Dress £41,95 J800 Geometric Print Racer Dress £41,95

As these clothes are designed to be figure hugging, it is definitely not for women with very slim figures and is more suited for females whose bodies have the correct contours, even proportions and a flat stomach to wear this type of attire, and can carry it off with success. You have to remember that the shape of your body cannot be hidden in Bodycon dresses as it tends to highlight the less favourable features of the body instead of heightening the good qualities of the curves of a female.

J727 Rose Contrast Ponti Dress £41,95 J727 Rose Contrast Ponti Dress £41,95

There are several shops and websites offering a wide selection of Bodycon dresses in the UK. Some of these clothes have been designed with bold allure and exclusively suited to wear to a night club. You should be careful when selecting one and check out which part of your body is exposed, so that you will not end up purchasing the wrong frock or flaunt the wrong parts of your figure. This type of dress can also be worn to work if created in a conventional style to make the wearer look really professional and elegant.

J776 Black Rib Belted Dress £44,95 J776 Black Rib Belted Dress £44,95

We have been creating elegant, fashionable, and conventional clothes under our trusted label Closet, for all occasions. We have an extensive range of classy Bodycon dresses for the UK market. These are creations of quality, smart and modern, and we have used exclusive fabrics to guarantee that it does justice to our renowned and worthy label. Our forte is designing and creating clothes for women, and we produce them with precise details to ensure that they always look smart, sophisticated and elegant in any outfit you purchase from us. We have highlighted some of our favourite Bodycon dresses below for you to have a look at, we hope you love them as much as we do!

J800 Aztec Print Racer Dress £41,95 J800 Aztec Print Racer Dress £41,95



ALMARI Big spot collar shift dress £49,95
ALMARI Lace Bust Coral Dress
ALMARI Contrast print shift dress £49,95
ALMARI Seam detail bodice pleat dress £64,95
ALMARI Collar lace peplum top £34,95

It's not long until these beautiful dresses and seperates go live online so keep your eyes peeled! Almari is taking off and we don't expect this collection to disappoint you at all! This season it's all about the colour coral, the 1960s and lace. What's going to be your favourite trend?




Our Spring/Summer 2013 collection is almost here! Here's a sneak peak at what you can expect on by the end of this week!

Closet Floral Lace Back Dress £44.95
Closet Ivory Rib Belted Dress £44.95
Closet Ivory Racer Flare Dress £44.95
Closet Navy Racer Flare Dress £44.95 
Closet Full Circle Contrast Dress £44.95


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