With the cold weather in full swing and any trace of our summer tans long gone, it can be hard to put together outfits without looking pale and washed out. Pastel shades no longer do us justice and wearing black every day is just plain boring, so what’s left? We can all learn a thing or two from Emma Spencer of @theemasphere, who has mastered the art of looking glowy and colourful even in the darkest months of the year. Her secret? Jewel-toned hues!


Mixing deep turquoises, sapphires, rubies, and emerald greens into your winter wardrobe can actually work to create vibrant outfits that won’t leave you longing for your summer complexion. Emma looks radiant in this red Closet London dress, which she’s paired with an understated pair of black heels for a not-so-understated look. Not only does this bright-coloured hue perfectly flatter her skin tone, it also gives the whole outfit a sophisticated and elegant feel.


It's no wonder purple is the colour of royalty, because Emma looks absolutely regal in this dark purple Closet London dress! The powerful, jewel-toned hue of this dress pairs perfectly with the dramatic poses she modelled for these photos- we’re loving it! To complete the look, Emma chose dangling earrings and matching white heels. The whole outfit simply radiates confidence and style!

The holidays are the perfect time to introduce these sumptuous shades into your wardrobe and brighten up the winter months, and we have the perfect dresses to try the trend with! These luscious pieces from our Starry Night collection will have you turning heads at any fancy occasion you may find yourself at this winter:



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Closet Crush of the week, luxeforlessblog

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to rediscover your love of high-shine fabrics, because that is what the winter months are all about. Sophia Lahey of luxeforlessblog has been teaching us all that these glitzy pieces don’t need to be banished to after-dark wear only, which is why we are totally crushing on her style! We love the way Sophia styles shimmery clothes to create daring yet wearable everyday outfits that ooze confidence and class.

luxeforlessblog in a metallic blazer

If you need proof that metallics can be easy to style, look no further than Sophia. By simply switching up a couple pieces, she is able to create dressier outfits or more casual ones while using the same metallic blazer to complete the look. The result is a luxe ensemble perfect for anything from brunch to the office!

luxeforlessblog in a sheer glittery top

This sheer glittery top is the perfect way to dress up an all-black outfit like the one Sophia is wearing, and automatically adds a festive flair to a wintery outfit. Take a page from Sophia’s book- or should we say Instagram feed- and incorporate glitter into your everyday outfits to add a level of luxury to your daywear.

As always, we’re here to help you get the look with some Closet London styles! Check out these high-shine pieces from our Starry Night collection to help get you started:

Closet London high-shine pieces


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Sophiengocanhx frilly sweater

Here at Closet we are loving frills for this Winter, which is probably why we are crushing so hard on Sophie Ngọc Ánh and her amazing style! This blogger has proven to be quite the frill seeker this season, sporting ruffles on her clothes to add the perfect statement to an otherwise streamlined silhouette.

Sophiengocanhx frill cold shoulder top

Decorating everything from Victorian-style blouses to tiered dresses and skirts, the frill trend is not going away anytime soon! We love the variety of looks that Sophie is able to create from clothing with ruffles placed on the shoulders, sleeves, or draped across the neckline.

Sophiengocanhx Frill Top

Frills aren’t just for daytime either- there is something about their elegant structure and extravagant flounce that make for a killer evening look. These dresses from our new Starry Night collection will help you get the look from day to night this winter.

Take a risk and try ruffles this season, for the frill of it!

Starry Night Frill Dresses


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