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What to Wear to a Job Interview


You might not realize it, but fashion is a big part of a job interview! It is always important to show that you care by putting in a little extra effort to create the most tailored outfit as possible that fits with the company’s character. First impressions are everything once you walk into an interview. Since you only have a short amount of time to impress your future boss, you want to make sure to look the part.

We know that interviews have a reputation of being stressful but owning the right clothes can truly take some of the pressure off. Investing in some nice outfits to keep in your closet will definitely pay off in the end and take you one step further to landing your dream job!

Here at Closet London we do workwear the best! Our clothes are made with the working woman in mind and our styles are loved for being sophisticated and elegant. It won’t be hard to find some amazing pieces to wear for any upcoming interviews you may have lined up.


Burnt Orange Closet Sleeves Frills Blouse, Black and White Stripe D-Ring Trouser

Match this burnt orange blouse with these smart striped trousers. It adds a pop of colour to your outfit without being too distracting. Meanwhile, the ruffle detailing on the sleeves gives the look a certain sophistication, which is always a good idea for a job interview when you want to appear knowledgeable and experienced.



Navy Stripe Pencil Bell Sleeve Dress, White Black Stripe Double Button Detail Dress

It you don’t have the time to try and pair separates together, you can always opt for a simple dress look with these two chic options. We are loving the classic pinstripe pattern, included on both of these looks, that is definitely a go to style if you want to look more professional.


Brown Bow Tie Neck and Cuff Tie Sleeves, Pale Pink Tie Belt Split Pencil Skirt

Highlight your sweet side with this traditional blouse and skirt paring. The neutral colours will give off a friendly and welcoming vibe that shows your interviewers that you are someone who is pleasant to work with and can easily get along with everyone. These specific pieces have bow tie details that add a touch of elegance to the look.


Teal Frill Hem and Shoulder Dress, Closet Pleated Tulip Dress

Go for another dress option that offers the perfect amount of sophistication for any type of job interview. Stick with one solid colour and use an interesting detail or silhouette to showcase your style, just like these two dresses do with the frill and pleating features. You can always throw on a nice tailored blazer on top to complete the look.

Find even more styles for that perfect interview look here!

Spring Workwear Colours


It is finally starting to feel like Spring! We have long awaited the glimpses of sunshine and blue skies that are not so far out of reach as the weather starts to warm up. It’s time to replace all the oversized sweaters and knee high boots with beautifully printed blouses and your favourite spring dresses.

Don’t save these fresh spring pieces just for the weekends, make sure bring your style to the office and update your spring workwear. Here at Closet London we know the importance of coming to work prepared to dress to impress. That is why we pride ourselves on making comfortable workwear that is both chic and professional. We know that you’re at your best when you feel good about yourself and can be confident in your style. Your attitude is sure to improve knowing that you look your finest at the office and feeling like you could accomplish anything!

We have been inspired by some of the new season trends and have picked out some colour palettes that will transfer perfectly into your spring workwear wardrobe. Think soft shades of pastel and accessible neutral colours. Choosing to highlight some of our best outfits that we believe will have you looking fresh and feminine, but still remain appropriate for the workplace. Every outfit can be easily layered and styled to fit your taste.



White Cold-Shoulder Blouse, Nude Frill Hem Skirt

The classic white blouse is a staple piece for any workplace. You will definitely be looking sharp in these polished outfits. Paired with some sleek trousers or your favourite frill skirt you can always add on chic accessorize to complete the look.


Blue Pleated Tulip Skirt Dress, Lilac Pencil Angel Sleeve Dress

Spring pastels are back. Reminding us of the colourful blooms of the season and the best spring dresses. The light shades look the best on simple silhouettes that let the charming colour speak for itself. These fashionable dresses stay true to the pastel theme and will look stunning in the office.


Navy Cold Shoulder Frill Top, Navy Crossover Jumpsuit

Stay loyal to the traditional navy blue that will always be suitable for the workplace. Versatility is one of its prime characteristics. It can be worn as a lovely textured blouse or an attractive looking jumpsuit. Either way it never fails to come out looking sophisticated and professional.

Find more inspiration and shop our workwear outfits here!



If you follow us on social you may have seen that the Closet team had a big night last Thursday at the 25th Drapers Awards which took place at Old Billingsgate. We had been nominated for Young Fashion Brand of the Year and..... WE WON! We are still buzzing in the office and feeling so honoured to have won this award.
Glamorous Old Billingsgate Venue

Some of the Closet London team accepting the Young Fashion Brand of the Year Award

Closet London Young Fashion Brand of the Year

AWARDOur Drapers award is moving around the office, taking pride of place on everyone's desk at Closet HQ.
We are so thrilled and honoured to have won and we are very excited for the year ahead.

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support as we couldn't have won this without you all.

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