Want to shop with out limitations to style, colour or pattern? Look no further than our women's clothing department with our extensive collection of the latest dresses, tops, skirts and tailored jackets and trousers. With a multitude of bold prints and colourful spins on classic designs, our clothes will leave you wanting more. We encourage you to get creative, to get inspired and to create a story with us.

Closet Blue Lace Bodycon Dress
Closet Chelsea Cream Polka-Dot Dress
Closet Flower and Spot Flare Dress
Closet BLU Chelsea Ivory Polka-Dot Dress
Closet V-Back Flare Dress
Closet Bloomsbury Floral Print Flare Dress
Closet Bloomsbury Tartan Print Flare Dress
Closet Spot/Stripe Flare Dress
Closet Aqua Belted Flare Dress
Closet Scarf Print Tunic
Closet Cloud Half Sleeve Pocket Dress
Closet Stripe Half Sleeve Pocket Dress
Closet Bubble Half Sleeve Pocket Dress
Closet Spot Half Sleeve Pocket Dress
Closet Teal Hatch Flare Dress
Closet Teal Spot Band Dress
Closet Teal Zig Zag Stud Dress
Closet Blue Seam Flare Dress
ALMARI Lilac Cowl Neck Pencil Dress
Closet Bloomsbury Floral Flared Belted Dress
Closet BLU Cream Butterfly Cowl Neck Dress
Green Cross Over Panelled Dress