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Hi Guys!
Welcome back to another Fashion Friday. I've been scouring the web and publications to bring you yet another exciting micro trend and I think we have a winner!

Not only do we have some gorgeous New In Floral styles that continue to be a favourite time and time again, but there's a fab new look that is trending across the board - I'm calling it Bavarian chic! It's an eclectic mix of bold vibrant embroidered colours in gorgeous folk inspired florals, set on a stark black background, making them pop and sing. I've mixed it with an elegant selection of Classic Closet London floral dresses to lift the look and add a bit of luxurious glamour.

gypsy chic fashion friday closet london

1. Floral v-neck pleated dress

I love this dress. It's from our latest collection RSVP and is a lovely New In style that I've been waiting to arrive for a long time. It's finally here and selling fast. It features a gorgeous oversized monochromatic print set on a pretty pink background that is certainly one of a kind. Essentially it's a Wedding or Prom dress that does very well with simple accessories, however, I'm looking to create something a little special to embrace this Folk trend. I've combined it with a statement embroidered crop leather jacket to emphasise that nipped in waist and skater skirt - It's very Greece (the movie). I've also added some matching embroidered ankle boots, handbag and a bracelet. This has to be my favourite look of them all!

2. Multi floral skater dress with pink belt

This is adorable! It's a cute little skater dress with a vibrantly-bold floral print, in one of our sell out styles. It's a dress that screams summer. I've added some adorable accessories in the form of a black and white chevron embroidered clutch, folk embroidered heels and a delicate little embroidered collar to add yet more lashings of cuteness! (Is that a word?)

3. Multi floral kimono dress

Another New In style that is trending massively on our site. This subtle muted grey floral dress is simple, comfortable and very chic, making it a great go to dress perfect for a number of events and days out. I've teamed it with a lovely little embroidered black satchel and lace heels to create a simpler take on the trend. It's a polished look with a comfy casual feel (minus the heels of course). So, all in all, it's an exciting colourful mix up of styles that come together to form a unique and fashion forward look - Be bold, be daring, embrace the trend!

That's it for another week guys. Have an amazing weekend and keep an eye out for this gorgeously eclectic trend I guarantee you'll find someone rocking this look. especially if you're in London!

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Hey guys! 
Welcome to the end of the working week and what a gorgeous day to end it on! Let's hope it continues into the weekend.

Speaking of work, It has been a little while since we dedicated a Fashion Friday to workwear and it just so happens we've got some lovely new in styles that are simply perfect for a work wear wardrobe refresh. This weeks Fashion Friday focuses on the abstract. I've stuck to a classic collection of gorgeous Closet London styles in monochromatic colours to create a base. I've then teamed them with some bright sophisticated, edgy accessories to add a splash of colour. What do you think? I'm loving the bold punchy almost graphic aesthetic - Perfect for that board meeting!

abstract workwear fashion friday closet london

1. Navy Stripe Pencil Bell Sleeve Dress

Who said pinstripes were dead? Forget the power suit, try the power dress. This lovely style is so incredibly simple and relies on cut and fit to create an elegant style perfect for the office. Not only that but the addition of the bell sleeve makes it back on trend. I've added a bit of flare and teamed it with some cracking teal boots and a chartreuse bangle. Balance the look with a geometric handbag.

2. Black Bodycon Panel Pencil Dress

Yet another Closet London 'Signature Style'. A winner time and time again. These dresses sell out pretty quickly, due to the tried and tested cut and the fact it's designed using Ponte - the material that nips and tucks you into a beautiful silhouette. I've teamed this iconic piece with patent clutch, statement chartreuse heels and matching tribal earrings, to create a sharp slick office style that will stand the test of time. Mix up your accessory colours to revamp the look over and over again.

3. Cream Polka Dot Detail High Neck Blouse / Grey Pleated Bow Asymetric Skirt

Oof hello, what a lovely combo! New in this week we have the elegant textured cream polka blouse. A simple silhouette that looks fab tucked in or out, plus the 3/4 length sleeves keep your hands free to get on with the job at hand. It's a simple style that works with almost everything. A great wardrobe staple!
However... this look is all about the skirt! It's simply delicious and a lovely combination of delicate detailing and corporate fun - that bow and pleat detail transforms what would be quite a dull skirt into something truly unique. Team it with some abstract accessories and you've got a fashion forward look straight from the cover of Vogue Magazine.

That's it guys, yet another Fashion Friday done and dusted! Hope you enjoyed the edit and got inspired to recreate your own gorgeous abstract look. Enjoy the weekend and make sure you tell us your favourite on Facebook - It's got to be number 3 for me!




Hello you lovely Closet people! How's the week been for you?
Oof! This Fashion Friday is feeling very special! Not only is it a Bank Holiday weekend, but we've got an awesome line-up of gorgeous styles for your viewing pleasure. It's a rare occasion that that I get to style a batch of dresses that go with literally anything, making my job all that much easier!
Those of you who are Fashion Friday veterans will know I'm a big fan of colour matching accessories to our Closet dresses and this week s no different.

killer dresses closet london fashion friday

1. Multi Bird Print Tulip Dress with Tie Back

Oh dear, I think I've fallen in love! This killer dress is by far my favourite from our new in collection of additionals and so far it's selling like hotcakes. I've got to hand it to our Head of Design, Wendy, for creating such a deliciously lovely dress! The print is perfect and the colours divine. Who knew Navy, Pink, Yellow and White went so well together. It feels so very Aztec and certainly unique. Not only that but it's been made into one of our classic bodycon styles that flatter and sculpt the figure with an excellent fit. I'm buying one of these beauties for my girlfriend!
Anyway... I've loved styling this elegant piece with a chartreuse handbag, pastel pink strappy heels and some rather unique matching navy and pink sunglasses to create a classic look with a quirky edge.

2. Ivory Cowl Neck Back Button Detail Pencil Dress

This dress is from our latest collection, R.S.V.P. and it is yet another killer dress, simply due to it's outstanding cut. Once again this dress sculpts the form in all the right places and feature a sexy cowl neckline that softly drapes over the bust line. This dress needs to be seen on to be believed - it's flawless! Not only that but White is a timeless colour that never goes out of fashion and can be paired with anything. Do you remember the Royal wedding and Pippa Middleton’s dress? Well this dress is its long lost cousin. I've styled this showstopper with a classic Chanel bag, contemporary chartreuse heels and matching earrings, to create something quite special.

3. Navy Sleeveless Contrast Stripe Band Dress

Kapow! Looking for something to steal the show? Well take a pop at this little look. I've used our, relatively simple, nautical-esque skater dress and transformed it with some crazy accessories to create a high concept look that would look fab at London Fashion Week. This dress is a wardrobe staple that will last you years. It's a blank canvas that you can have fun with and depends entirely on your choice of accessories. How will you style yours?

That's it guys... Hope you enjoyed this week’s FF, I know I have! Hope to see you again next week and don't forget to send us your likes on Facebook - let us know which one is your favourite.

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

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